Oriental Rug Cleaning

Protein Fibers

rug cleaning process:

Pre-Inspection - We examine each rug, looking for signs of fading, discoloration, stains, pre-existing damage, color instability and odors. We then select the suitable cleaning process.

These are produced by insects or animals and include oriental, silk and hair
Our experts will determine the appropriate cleaning process for your rug based on its individual characteristics, such as its origin, type, material & dyes.


We remove dust and small particles lying deep within the rug, using compressed air. This step is often referred to as "air washing" or "dusting", and is far more effective than vacuuming or beating.


grooming with special grooming tools. Note: fiber wear or distortion is irreversible.

Bonnet pad dry cleaning

Pre-Treatment-Pre spray 

Spots and stains are pre-treated using advanced spotting techniques.

Contentrating on sites of heavy traffic and soiling. Note: discoloration caused by wear, fading, or chemical reaction is not reversible.

Dissolving - Rinsing

Dissolving and extracting ground-in soil.

Rinsing in order to remove deeper soil and cleaning residue, and restore natural textures.
Hot water extraction

Final Inspection

We will conduct a thorough inspection of your rug. If needed, we will repeat any of the above steps until your rug is as clean and beautiful looking as possible.
Repairs & Restoration - Available with a quote for each individual rug.
Normal spotting and stain removal is included in our cleaning price and our steam cleaning process.
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