Whatever your rug’s origin, you can trust its cleaning to our experts.
vArea rugs and carpets differ greatly in their construction, dyeing methods and fiber content … and we understand these differences assuring a safe and thorough cleaning of your specialty rugs.  
Why in-Oriental rug cleaning?​
More thorough removal of abrasive particulate soil and unhealthy allergens
Special attention to challenging soils and stains
Better control of fugitive dyes and dimensional stability
Multiple cleanings, if necessary, at no additional charge
Rapid drying controlling the temperature and humidity, to guard against weakening of the rug’s foundation resulting from improper, prolonged drying techniques
No risk of damage to your finished floors - a concern with the on-location cleaning of area rugs
Hand finishing when the rug is dry; hand cleaning of the fringes and grooming of the pile
Our in-plant cleaning, rinsing and controlled drying allows us to employ special methods, equipment and procedures to assure a safe and thorough cleaning of your rug.
Scotchgard Stain Protectant
Keep your rug cleaner looking longer with the re-application of Scotchgard stain protectant.  Easier, faster removal of soil, stains and liquid spills … preventing permanent stains.
The stain protectant bonds with the carpet fiber to form an “invisible barrier” against water and oil-based stains, making your rug more soil retardant and stain resistant. Enjoy the long-lasting protection of soil resistance and spill repellency.
The Right Pad for Your Rug
We offer a selection of premium pads for rugs placed on hard-surface floors or over a carpet.  And, we’ll cut them to fit your area rugs.  Our premium pads offer greater safety with maximum non-slip traction, extended rug wear, greater comfort – and they are hypoallergenic.

Caring for Your Rugs
Carpet represents a substantial investment in the scheme of interior furnishings.  With proper and regular care, you can add years of life to your carpet and help retain its original beauty.  The best advice for retaining that like-new appearance is not to allow the carpet to become too badly soiled.
Rug Repair & Custom Carpet Services
With over 20 years of custom carpet fabrication and repair experience, there’s no one more capable of turning your carpet design ideas into beautiful reality than Oriental Rug Cleaning.  We can add accent and value with special carpet edge treatments, beveled borders and insets.  You provide the carpet materials and the design, we’ll bring them together in a finished carpet to your exact specifications.  For your valued hand-made rugs, rely upon our meticulous professionals for all types of rug repair and reweaving.